I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD where I went to school but spent my summers in Ft Myers FL.  I began CrossFit in 2011 after being introduced to it by my wife.  I have competed in small local CrossFit competitions and train 5-6 days a week.  I have competed in the CrossFit Open every year since 2012.  When I’m not in the gym, I can be found on the water fishing or in the woods hunting.  I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dogs.

Why does Steve do CrossFit? 

I do CrossFit because fitness is imperative to me and my career.  As a Police Officer it’s important for me to be at my top physical fitness level.  I’m also a very competitive person and I like the friendly competitions between me and some of the athletes in the gym.  I find the time spent working out in the gym to be therapeutic.  This is my down time, when my mind is off the stresses of work and life.


Favortie WOD:

HERO WOD “The Seven” – I enjoy long workouts with lots of movements!


Advice to Athletes:

Understand that we all have to start somewhere and that it takes time to become proficient in movements.  Often I see new athletes who want to be strong in all movements right away.  It takes time and practice to become skilled at lifts and body weight movements.  Put in the time and effort, don’t shortcut the workouts, stick with it, and you’ll see all your lifts improve.


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)